Ramadan Craft Day 8 – Masjid Puzzle


Source: ummabdulbasirscreativecorner

You need:
- A transparent (plastic) protective sleeves
- Colors/ paints
- Bits of velcro
  1. Print the template here (page 1)
  2. Slide it through your transparent plastic sleeve. (seal it if you’d like)
  3. Now print out your shapes here (page 2)
  4. Color, paint, decorate
  5. Optional to laminate the shapes. Or stick them on a thick paper to make them sturdy
  6. place one side on the velcro on the plastic (which has the template on it)  and the other bit on the shapes itself. So the kids can remove and place making it a long lasting game!

Source: umm abdulbasirs creative corner

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