Ramadan Craft Day 18 – Masjid Sun Catcher

Taken from jannahsteps.com

Beautiful, isn’t it?  And when I saw how simple it was to make it – I loved it even more.

Here are the instructions:

1. Print the Masjid Suncatcher Template.

2. Cut out the “windows” of the masjid ahead of time, ready to pull out when  you need that time!

3. Provide these supplies: glue, different colored cellophane paper (precut into shapes that can go over any window)
(If your child can handle scissors, I would just allow him to do the cutting himself, just hand him some larger size pieces to cut!)

4. While you read Quran, you know your child has something to keep himself occupied with!

Click here for DIY Ramadan Bookmarks

4 thoughts on “Ramadan Craft Day 18 – Masjid Sun Catcher

  1. Found your blog now while looking for ramadaan crafts, I am so excited to try some of these out, thank you

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