Ramadan Craft Day 15 – Watercolor Stars

Taken from Ramadanjoy.com


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolors (blues, purples and white)
  • Glitter
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • String


  1. Wet one side of the watercolor paper under tap water.
  2. Mix white with blue or purple to make varying shades of the colors.
  3. Completely cover the paper with paint. Once its covered hold it up vertically so that the colors can run and blend together. Create as many sheets as you’d like then let dry. Once the paper is dry paint the other side of the paper.
  4. Make a star pattern by tracing or draw a star shape. Once the paper is dry trace the star shape on the paper and then cut out.
  5. Punch a hole at the top of each star.
  6. Cover the star with glue from the glue stick.
  7. Sprinkle glitter over the star.
  8. Let dry then hang with string.

(courtesy RamadanJoy.com)

7 thoughts on “Ramadan Craft Day 15 – Watercolor Stars

      • As always your cvertiaity inspires me! Mashallah! Maybe when the girls are a little older you could start incorporating the concept of Zakat into their Ramadan routines as well. Like, every day for Ramadan, the kids will give a little money or at the end of the month choose a toy they don’t use and give it to someone who won’t get any presents at Eid or something.

      • Salaam!Just wanted to let you know that I was inieprsd by your website and it’s content so much that I decided to change things up a bit for my family’s Eid celebrations this year!Growing up we had the traditional get togethers etc but I wanted my girls to have that memory and more when they look back at their family life. I tackled some DIY projects and personalized their Eid day . my husband benefitted too! Is there any way that I can submit photos of what I did to you and have it on your site? I just wanted to share what a great Eid we had this year!Thanks so much!

  1. Lovely idea. We did this tonight and my kids used many more colors and too much glitter but the end result was beautiful. We also used crescents with the stars. Jazakamullah khair!

  2. I don’t see a problem tanikg inspiration from other religious holidays. In fact, those things have nothing to do with the actual religious connotation of Christmas. I see an Eid countdown chart every year at ISNA and it is a really neat idea! It is basically a calendar and each day has the number of Ramadan as a little pocket. It has a square hanging that the kids can move into the pocket of the current day of Ramadan. You can stuff little goodies in the pocket for each day if you want.

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