Ramadan Craft Day 15 – Watercolor Stars

Taken from Ramadanjoy.com


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolors (blues, purples and white)
  • Glitter
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • String


  1. Wet one side of the watercolor paper under tap water.
  2. Mix white with blue or purple to make varying shades of the colors.
  3. Completely cover the paper with paint. Once its covered hold it up vertically so that the colors can run and blend together. Create as many sheets as you’d like then let dry. Once the paper is dry paint the other side of the paper.
  4. Make a star pattern by tracing or draw a star shape. Once the paper is dry trace the star shape on the paper and then cut out.
  5. Punch a hole at the top of each star.
  6. Cover the star with glue from the glue stick.
  7. Sprinkle glitter over the star.
  8. Let dry then hang with string.

(courtesy RamadanJoy.com)

Ramadan Day 11- Certificates from Mini Mumin.com

Not really a craft – but a treat for the kids ;)

Mini-Mumin.com com has a selection of Ramadan related certificates to print:
1. Certificate for memorizing the duaa for breaking fast
2. Certificate for memorizing the duaa for sighting the crescent moon
3. Certificate to recognize the number of days fasting for Ramadan

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Ramadan Craft Day 8 – Masjid Puzzle


Source: ummabdulbasirscreativecorner

You need:
- A transparent (plastic) protective sleeves
- Colors/ paints
- Bits of velcro
  1. Print the template here (page 1)
  2. Slide it through your transparent plastic sleeve. (seal it if you’d like)
  3. Now print out your shapes here (page 2)
  4. Color, paint, decorate
  5. Optional to laminate the shapes. Or stick them on a thick paper to make them sturdy
  6. place one side on the velcro on the plastic (which has the template on it)  and the other bit on the shapes itself. So the kids can remove and place making it a long lasting game!

Source: umm abdulbasirs creative corner

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Ramadan Craft Day 29 – DIY Eid Cards!

Download the image to make your own stationary by clicking on the image below: (courtesy JannahSteps!)
Download this Eid Card Design Here: Melani’s Eid Card Design 1
 Download this Stationery Eid Design Here: Eid Stationary 1
Download this Eid Card Design Here: Melani’s Eid Card Design 2
Download this Stationery Eid Design Here: Eid Stationary 2
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