How to Host A Ramadan Craft Party

Contributed by Faaiza Osman an Australian Muslim Mummy blogger

One of my goals leading up to Ramadan has been to get my 3 year old involved in as many ways I can. The best way I could think off was to create a Ramadan Advent Calendar with an activity for each day, I even included a free printable for other mums who’d like to do the same. One of the activities on the Advent Calendar was to do a Ramadan craft with a friend. I decided to invite all my son’s friends so they could join in the fun.
Ramadan craft party

Ramadan craft party

Here’s what we did:

Masjid Picture Craft:

Masjid Picture craft

Masjid Picture craft

  • A3 poster board
  • paper in varying textures (including felt)
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • scissors
  • crayons/colour pencils/markers
  • buttons
With a pencil lightly draw in your picture. All my pictures included a masjid, tree and clouds. Get creative, draw anything that comes to you. Get the kids to glue cotton balls onto the clouds, cut out pieces of paper and glue into various parts of the art and buttons for trees or windows or even flowers. Let the children’s imagination run wild. The options are endless with this one.

Masjid sun catchers

Ramadan craft party

Masjid Sun catcher

  • laminating sheets  & laminator
  • black A4 card
  • coloured cellophane
  • glue
  • scissors
  • marker
Cut a masjid like shape on the black card, be sure to include lots of empty space. Cut coloured cellophane into small piece. Mark out the masjid shape onto the laminate sheet. Using the glue, stick the cellophane pieces onto the laminate sheet.
*If you don’t have a laminator, you can do this one on clear cellophane instead, and stick the clear piece onto the back of the card.

Felt Prayer mats

Ramadan craft party

Felt prayer mat craft

Felt prayer mat craft

Felt prayer mat craft

  • felt pieces
  • wool
  • glue
  • scissors
  • whole punch
Cut the felt pieces in half (these were A4 cut into A5 pieces). Punch wholes into the top and bottom edge with a whole punch. Cut enough pieces of wool for tassles. Tie wool onto the ends and decorate the mat.
*I cut out masjid shaped felt pieces to decorate the mat. You could also beads, buttons, glitter glue, fabric paints.

My tips for a successful party:

  1. PLAN PLAN PLAN!: Ramadan is an extremely busy time, I highly recommend doing this before Ramadan or even waiting to do it as an Eid Party. It does take a lot of time to prepare and it’s important to use your time wisely in Ramadan.
  2. No pressure: Set up different areas so each child can go at their own pace and do a craft of their choosing. LIttle children can get distracted easily, what may take 1 child 2 minutes to do may take another 20 and vice versa, let the kids lead the way and have everything readily available.
  3. Include the mums: Have the mums join in, this way each child has a helper and you also have extra pairs of hands to help you clear up.
  4. Share your lunch: The mums might be fasting but the kids won’t be, have each mum bring a plate of lunch or snacks to share and enjoy.
  5. Provide supplies: Make sure you have enough supplies of everything needed (glue, scissors, decorations).
What Ramadan crafts and activities are your kids doing with their friends?
Contributed by Faaiza Osman an Australian Muslim Mummy blogger. Blogging recipes alongside kid and mummy stuff at

Ramadan Craft Day 8 – Masjid Puzzle


Source: ummabdulbasirscreativecorner

You need:
- A transparent (plastic) protective sleeves
- Colors/ paints
- Bits of velcro
  1. Print the template here (page 1)
  2. Slide it through your transparent plastic sleeve. (seal it if you’d like)
  3. Now print out your shapes here (page 2)
  4. Color, paint, decorate
  5. Optional to laminate the shapes. Or stick them on a thick paper to make them sturdy
  6. place one side on the velcro on the plastic (which has the template on it)  and the other bit on the shapes itself. So the kids can remove and place making it a long lasting game!

Source: umm abdulbasirs creative corner

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